Midlands Irish Setter Society Show – 16.7.06

Many thanks to the Society for inviting me to judge at this, one of my favourite breed open shows. I was particularly grateful for the many steps it had taken to provide cover for the dogs on such a blisteringly hot day. It is this attention to detail and the relaxed garden party atmosphere that makes this MISS show so very special. Well done to all concerned! I made some allowance for movement in the exceptional conditions but it could not be entirely set aside as injustices might inevitably have resulted.
I was delighted thoughby the overall quality of the entry but, given the heat, it was inevitable that some entrants had been reluctant to travel long distances. If I can single out any particular class it must be Junior Bitch where the quality of the entry was very high almost without exception. This must bode well for the future well-being of the breed.
On the downside, I found one instance of unacceptably dirty teeth from a kennel which should know better. Beauty is on the inside too!

VD. (5, 2). 1. McDonagh’s Thendara Incognito Among Ronzalda.
Nicely-balanced 8 year old dog with pleasing masculine head set on well-arched neck into good sweep of shoulder. Excellent depth of chest and spring of rib. Correct angulation fore and aft. Moved soundly and with purpose using tail to enhance the picture.
2. Shepherd’s Brackenfield Quadrant.
Another 8 year old, he has done well under me in the past but today preferred the neck & shoulder properties of my winner. Owns a well-worked head with well-raised brows and a pleasing expression. Strong quarters & excellent depth of chest.
MPD. (3). 1. Cohen’s Caispern Vilette with Shushana.
At this stage the most ‘together’ of three still-raw puppies this 7 month boy owns a lovely stop, raised brows and a sweet expression. Nice close-set ears. Excellent straight front. Deep chest and elbows well-let down. Good tight feet. 2. Ross’ Autmnglow Firecrest.
Another 7 month old with time on his side, though I preferred his movement to 1. Pleasing shoulder layback and sweep of neck into topline, though not as well-developed as 1 in quarters.
3. Griffin’s Corriebran Pure Genius.
All legs and wings stage for this young boy making his show debut. Though still very raw he exhibits a good head and ear-set & good quarter properties.
PD. (2). 1. Powis’s Amberwave Breezer.
Upstanding and mature 11 month boy of some promise. Well-balanced head with excellent parallels, correct stop and raised brows. Good low ear-set. Well-boned, he shows a good straight front and excellent angulation front and back. Good neck extension into well-laid shoulders & correct topline. Deep, well-ribbed chest. Sound quarters, super bend of stifle, good angulation at front & rear. Moved with drive and purpose to win BPD and BPIS.
2. Ross’Autumnglow Firefly.
7 month dog lacking the maturity of 1 and needing time. Used his tail well, though somewhat hesitant on the move. Good low ear-set and pleasing expression. JD.
(8). Nice class. 1. Rorke’s Cataluna Captivatione To Zakhan.
The most fluent & steady mover in the class, I just preferred his overall conformation. New one to me, but a lovely well-balanced dog of 13 months who took my attention as he entered the ring. Balanced head with gentle expression, Beautiful arched neck. Sound lay-back of shoulder, strong quarters and good width of thigh.
2. Milligan-Bott and Bott’s Scotselaw Detroit Spinner By Thendara.
At 16 months another very handsome boy. Preferred his rear angulation to 1 but would just like a little more of him. Beautiful head with low-set ears, well-laid shoulders into excellent top-line. Moved fluently using his tail to particularly good effect. Beautifully presented and handled. Could easily change places with my winner on another day.
3. Bott’s Bardonhill Storm Moon.
Sound 14 month boy with many good qualities. Excellent over shoulders and topline. Slightly untidy movement let him down today.
YD. (5, 1). 1. Milligan-Bott and Bott’s S. Detroit Spinner By Thendara.
A close second in the preceding class but he could not be denied here.
2. Martin’s Silvagem First Edition.
20 month dog showing good overall shape and balance. Lovely well-worked head and reach of neck. Good brisket, layback of shoulder and front and rear angulation. Deep, well-ribbed chest. Moved soundly and with enthusiasm despite the heat. Unlucky to come up against another lovely young dog.
3. Hopewell’s Davset Mr Loverman.
Well-made young man whose movement appeared to be more affected by the heat of the day than the others.
ND. (6, 2). 1. Bott’s B. Storm Moon.
Came through from third in the strong Junior Class.
2. Watkins Brinara Morris Traveller.
Mature 15 month boy whose movement today was a little uncoordinated. Scored well in head, neck and shoulders. Well-sprung ribs on nice deep chest.
3 Lennox’ Hartsbourne Oleander.
Of a finer build than 1 and 2 this dog had excellent rear angulation and muscle-tone which he used to good effect on the move.
GD. (9, 4). Another close decision here with the first 3 all capable of changing places on another day.
1. Ross’ Brackenfield Righ At Autumnglow.
Upstanding 3 year old whose very positive movement on such a hot day was most impressive. He has excellent angulation front and rear, with a super sweep of stifle & very good muscle tone. Deep well-sprung chest. Good reach of neck. Good keen eye and foreface
2. Milligan-Bott and Bott’s S. Detroit Spinner by Thendara.
3. Weir’s Mack The Knife By Baibreeze.
3 year old dog that I have never seen in better shape. He put up a strong challenge here, moving positively with head held high.
PGD(5, 2). 1. Stockton’s Kespas Infrared JW.
Promising 2 ½ year old boy who is maturing nicely. Lovely masculine head with quizzical expression, set on excellent reach of neck into good well-laid shoulders and correct sloping topline. Shows strength in quarters and turn of hock giving sound, driving movement. Tail set on well and used well to cement an altogether pleasing picture.
Res. BD. 2. Cook’s Waterdown Hardy With Kimbru.
I see this dog is sired by an old favourite of mine and though shorter cast than 1 he has many good attributes, notably a good straight front and correct front angulation, attractive well balanced head, good eye set, shape and colour, though I preferred the rear movement of my winner.
3. Macdonald’s Margretwoods Yosemite Sam.
Nice boy of good type, though would have preferred more controlled rear movement today.
LD. (5, 2). 1. Henson’s Tatsbro Irish Mist JW.
Not a big dog, certainly not as big as 2, but racy and elegant. Head could perhaps be a little more balanced. Body free of any exaggeration. Moderately long, nicely arched neck sweeping smoothly into well-laid shoulders and gently sloping topline. Moved soundly but lacked a little animation in the very hot conditions.
2.Rorke’s Cataluna California Sunny At Zakhan.
Taller dog with many sound body properties. Liked his front, with plenty of lung room, pleasing masculine head, good neck extension & correct lay of shoulder, though not quite the rear angulation I would like to see.
3. Shepherd’s Casachared Flynn O’Flannaghan ShCM.
One I have done well before but today seemed to me to be a little out of sorts – probably the heat!
OD. (5, 3). 1. Drinkwater’s Sh.Ch. Brabrook True Blade JW.
Super dog in lovely coat and condition, moving soundly with a real sense of balance and poise, a true credit to his owner/breeders. Beautifully worked head, sound straight front, good bone. Very sound in rib, depth of chest, topline and bend of stifle. Moved steadily and true to a well-deserved BD and later, BIS.
2. Rorke’s Seatamarisk Wayfarer At Zakhan.
This 6 year-old showed many of the younger dogs here today how to overcome the sub tropical conditions moving steadily, his topline held firm, head high and tail lashing happily.
VB. (9, 4). Lovely class of ‘mature’ ladies.
1. Hawkins Sh Ch. Henaleas Flirting Around JW.
One I have admired throughout her career with her appearance today belying her 8 ½ years. Her size and general conformation accord with my interpretation of the breed standard – sweetest of heads, elegant yet racy, moderate length of neck sweeping smoothly into well laid-back shoulders, free of exaggerations etc. Add to this movement which was better than that of many half her age and she had to be Reserve BB and later BV.
2. Stevenson’s Lochlorien Sunrise.
Very nice 9 year old bitch who though sound all through - with super quarters and positive movement in the trying conditions - still did not match the final ‘finish’ of 1 my class winner.
3. Wharton’s Sh Ch Delsanto Eleanor of Jennison.
Well-known and very pleasing lady of nearly 9 years who’s best today was not quite good enough in the hothouse conditions.
MPB. (4, 1). 1. O’Connors Caispern Miss Eyrc.
Promising longer-cast bitch than 2 or 3 scoring heavily on maturity, coat and movement. Pleasing head, front and well-arched neck. Particularly well-sprung but proportionate ribs for one so young. Good width of upper thigh and excellent bend of stifle. Moved soundly.
2. Ross’ Autumnglow Flame.
Less mature than 1 at this stage, but with time on her side. Nice straight front, sweet head, good eye and ear-set. 3. Griffin’s Corriebran Pure Gem. Another puppy at the ‘legs and wings’ stage; just needs time I feel.
PB. (5, 1). 1. King’s Kirkavagh Primera.
Very appealing and promising puppy from this very successful kennel. 11 month old with a lovely outline – all as it should be. Sweet, well-worked head with good parallels, kind expression with a hint of mischief. Low-set ears, well-conformed body with correct topline flowing from moderately long and well-arched neck. Correct shoulders. Gleaming dark coat, good bone and nice tight feet. A very sound and happy mover, beautifully handled to BPB and RBPIS.
2 Gisby’s Balbriggan Ace Of Hearts By Suteresett.
A bigger bitch than 1 but everything nicely in proportion. Sound in shoulders, length of neck and spring of rib. Elbows well let down. Super deep chest. Tail set on well and used to good effect. Tight feet. Good angulation fore and aft. Just lacked the sparkle of 1 on the move.
3. Russell’s Melmara Ruby Tuesday.
10 month sweet-headed puppy who exhibited the best movement in this class. She has a good straight front and correct angulation, but, at this stage, lacks the maturity of the top two.
JB. (13, 4). Spoilt for choice in this class!
1. Wiggen’s Brinara Guilletta. Promising
14 month girl who though slightly longer cast than some in the class, oozed raciness. Very sound and free-flowing mover. Sweet balanced head with good stop and raised brows on excellent arched neck. Good layback of shoulder and gently sloping topline. Maturing nicely with just the right amount of body development at this stage. Strong in quarters and stifle. Tight, well arched feet. Happy lashing tail set well on.
2. Sheldon’s Delsanto Maisie.
Slightly more substantial girl with good length of slightly arched neck, shoulders well laid back, excellent angulation fore and aft. Moved very soundly though with not quite the drive of the winner.
3. Bott’s Bardonhill Cutie.
Another quality bitch of 16 months and close up to 1 and 2. Very nicely put together, just lacked that final finish on the day.
YB. (8, 1). 1. Price’s Severnvale Sheer Heaven.
Nothing overdone with this lovely girl of 19 months. Altogether very feminine, with a moderately long and nicely arched neck, sweet balanced head with nicely shaped eyes and super low ear-set. Body well put together with good angulation fore and aft. Strong quarters. Moved soundly.
2. Sheldon’s D. Maisie.
3. Ellis’ Brayville Love Affair.
Another very feminine bitch with no exaggerations. Just failed to match 1 and 2 on the move today probably due to the heat but could well change places on another occasion.
NB. (12, 5). 1. Wiggen’s B. Guilleta. 2. Bott’s B. Cutie. 3. King’s K. Primera.
GB. (13, 9). 1. Waterton & Dowle’s Barleydale Honeymoon JW.
Comfortable winner here. Lovely outline. Attractive well-worked and nicely balanced head. Good layback of shoulder. Nice clean sweep of neck into shoulder and correct topline. Good straight front, tight feet. Well-bent stifles. Tail set well on & used to very good effect when moving.
2. Sheldon’s D. Maisie.
Lost out on maturity here.
3. Naylor & Morrison’s Anlory Cameo JW.
Interesting to see this girl shares the same sire as my winner. She is yet another example of a really free-flowing bitch from this kennel, using her super quarters and rear angulation to particularly good effect and with a lashing tail action.
PGB. (9, 3). 1. Naylor & Morrisons Anlory Valpolicella JW.
A favourite of mine, I have done her well in the past and on this form she could not be denied again despite being a little out of coat. Longer cast than 2 & 3, she covers the ground with ease driving superbly off her short pasterns. Enjoys good quality in head, neck and shoulder departments with a nice straight front.
2. Wiggen’s Brinara Andromeda.
Nice specimen though again slightly out of coat. Liked her well-balanced head and pleasing expression. Nice deep chest with well-sprung ribs. Sound angulation front and rear. Lost out on movement here.
3. Milligan Bott & Bott’s Thendara Miss Dior.
Soundly constructed I initially thought she could be my winner but she failed to match the movement of 1 & 2 in part due to the heat I suspect.
LB. (15, 6). Excellent class.
1. Waterton’s Lynwood Strands of Silk at Sandstream JW.
Beautiful 4 year old bitch I have often admired from the ringside and I was pleased today to confirm my initial impressions. She owns a well-chiselled feminine head with a lovely low ear-set and keen intelligent eyes. Good straight front, deep chest and sound shoulder placement. Correct topline with excellent tail set. Moved steadily and true.
2. Drinkwater’s Brabrook Red Rose JW.
Well-known quality bitch who has the most lovely head, neck and shoulders, together with a super bend of stifle. Excellent body properties. Very close-up to 1, the latter just showing herself to better advantage on the day.
3. Hall’s Kirkavagh Negranta At Glennara.
Another well-conformed bitch of some promise and holding her own in very good company here.
OB. (4, 2). Two smashing bitches.
1. Hall’s Sh Ch Fleur De Mai JW, ShCM.
A long-time favourite of mine, she has a super front, a head to die for, super muscular and slightly arched neck , deep well-ribbed chest and lovely angulation at front and back. Today, despite the heat, she drove around the ring in real champion style. Though I have seen her in marginally better coat she was deservedly my BB and Reserve BIS.
2. Price’s Severnvale Seventh Heaven JW.
Quality bitch with much to commend her. Strong over head, neck and shoulders with a gently sloping topline which she held well when moving. In better coat than 1 but slightly less animated today.

Keith Lewis

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