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Gundog Breeds Association Of Scotland Championship Show.

11th November 2000


Dogs Mrs G Ross
Bitches Mrs G Ross


Best Of Breed Cataluna Gee Whizz
Best Puppy Balnagown Barrachello To Starchelle
Dog CC Cataluna Gee Whizz
Reserve Emberiki Take My Breath Away
Bitch CC Trefaine Reams Of Verse
Reserve Sh Ch/Ir Ch Fearnley Firesky At Glencarron


Minor Puppy Dog
1st: Tatsbro Just William For Lavansands
2nd: Thendara Saks
3rd: Brackenfield Valentino
Res: Cataluna New York Jet At Redfield
VHC: Danaway Batchelor Boy
Puppy Dog
1st: Balnagown Barrachello
2nd: Brackenfield Valentino
3rd: Haremarch Copper Guardsman
Res: Redwood The Young Pretender
VHC: Lyngor Prophet
Junior Dog
1st: Tatterslee Bear Necessity
2nd: Brenrue Kracker Jack
3rd: Kegil Dancing Keepsake
Res: Shandwick Amethyst At Ferndel
VHC: Lyngor Prophet 
Special Yearling Dog
1st: Kylenoe Crystal Bear
2nd: Shenanagin Shareholder
3rd: Loyal David Bright Star
Res: Dunnygask Juniper
VHC: Cataluna Whizzy Woo
Novice Dog
1st: Tatterslee Bear Necessity
2nd: Brenrue  Kracker Jack  
3rd: Kegil Dancing Keepsake
Res: Lyngor Prophet
VHC: --------
Undergraduate Dog
1st: Emberiki Take My Breath Away
2nd: Fearnley Fire Flaunter At Roftmar
3rd: Cullmadons Cassidy
Res: Ochiltree Brendan
VHC: Redstyle The Mark Of Zorro
Post Graduate Dog
1st: Shenanagin What Next
2nd: Wendover Tristram
3rd: Maolruadhan Starlord
Res: Penwyn Washington Redskin
VHC: --------
Limit Dog
1st: Cataluna Gee Whizz
2nd: Erinade Jack Pot JW
3rd: Margretwoods Crazy For You
Res: Tatterslee Extra Special
VHC: Shenanagin Statesman
Open Dog
1st: Sh Ch Clonageera Flambouyant As Starchelle
2nd: Penwyn Indiana At Denetop
3rd: Ir Sh Ch Pheasant of Clonageera
Res: Sh Ch Dunnygask Gladiator
VHC: Hartswelin Cinnamon
Minor Puppy Bitch
1st: Danaway Mati Hari
2nd: Tatsbro Society Girl
3rd: Bonahaird Pirouette
Res: Margretwoods Perfect Day
Puppy Bitch
1st: Margretwoods Perfect Day
2nd: Brackenfield Delphinium
3rd: Balnagown Bianca
Res: Redwood Flower Of Scotland
VHC: ----------
Junior Bitch
1st: Brenrue Alicia
2nd: Lyngor Psalm
3rd: Kegil Dancing Ballerina
Res: Shandwick Pearl
VHC: Zymore Mignonette
Special Yearling Bitch
1st: Two Acres Kittiwake At Glenvarna
2nd: Hartsbourne Tangle of Aubanjon
3rd: Kegil Dancing Ballerina
Res: Kesakasy Scarlet Ribbons
VHC: ---------
Novice Bitch
1st: Kylenoe Chicago Spirit
2nd: Brenrue Alicia
3rd: Lyngor Psalm
Res: Kegil Dancing Ballerina
VHC: Penwyn Fatal Attraction
Undergraduate Bitch
1st: Bonahaird Scottish Rose
2nd: Ochiltree Fineen
3rd: Corranroo Fashion Flame 
Res: Kegil Dancing Ballerina
VHC: Penwyn Fatal Attraction 
Graduate Bitch
1st: Goldings Mavourneen 
2nd: Brackenfield Camilla
3rd: ------
Res: -------
VHC: ------
Post Graduate Bitch
1st: Erinade Jaunty JW
2nd: Shenanagin Say That Again 
3rd: Ornella Brionna For Tatsbro
Res: Corribeg Russet
VHC: Maolruadhan Starstruck
Limit Bitch
1st: Trefaine Reams of Verse
2nd: Brayville Leading Lady JW
3rd: Coppershell Red Beauty
Res: Lyngor By Grace
VHC: Dunnygask Montana
Open Bitch
1st: Sh Ch/Ir Ch Fearnley Firesky At Glencarron
2nd: Cataluna Georgia On My Mind
3rd: Clonageera Fennella At Bethersden
Res: -------
VHC: -------


All contents copyright 2000, Midlands Irish Setter Society.

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