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Irish Setter Club Of Wales Championship Show.

19th November 2000


Dogs Mrs C Hogsflesh
Bitches Mr R Cordwell


Best Of Breed Sh Ch Caspians Palmerston
Best Puppy Delsanto Charmaine
Dog CC Sh Ch Caspians Palmerston
Reserve Ir Sh Ch Strathmead  Just An Ace At Glenavna
Bitch CC Sh Ch Carnbargus Continuity
Reserve Sh Ch Clonageera Inspiration For Kespas



Minor Puppy Dog
1st: Danaway Black Magic By Caspians
2nd: Danaway Ferryman To Balintyne
3rd: Siorruidh Creme-De-La-Creme
Res: Karidell Connoisser
VHC: Millcroft The Moons Shadow
Puppy Dog
1st:  Thendara Don Corleone
2nd: Covarney Teak Me To The Top Via Stourford
3rd: Balnagown Barrachello To Starchelle
Res: Anlory Muscavado
VHC: Danaway Black Magic By Caspians
Veteran Dog
1st: Sh Ch Thendara Kennedy
2nd: Sh Ch Tatterslee Special Effect
3rd: Sh Ch Delsanto Luke
Res: Clonageera Whisper
VHC: Konakakela Zeus Rosu At Stourford
Junior Dog
1st: Grayrigge Glenamoy
2nd: Brenrue Kracker Jack
3rd: Wynjill Gamesman
Res: Mr Bad Guy At Laumidorn
VHC: Gaybrons Rorys Reveiry
Special Yearling Dog
1st: Thendara Payday
2nd: Brenrue Kracker Jack
3rd: Twoacres Kavanagh
Res: Dawnglo Twister
VHC: Gaybrons Rorys Reveiry
Maiden Dog
1st: Barleydale Intrigue
2nd: abs
3rd: abs
Res: abs
Novice Dog
1st: Grayrigge Glenamoy
2nd: Brenrue Kracker Jack
3rd: Raydaw Red Rum
Res: Barleydale Intrigue
VHC: Scottsway Next Knight
Undergraduate Dog
1st: Kerrydown In Time
2nd: Chicago Hope For Veraspee
3rd: Corribeg Ruskin
Res: Wynjill Gamesman
VHC: Twoacres Kavanagh
Graduate Dog
1st: Duncarreg Red River At Chantstor
2nd: Reddins Casey
3rd: Goldings Manxman
Res: Bardonhill Say It Quick Anlory
VHC: Cataluna Texas Wild
Post Graduate Dog
1st: Danaway Fortune Teller JW
2nd:  Kirkavagh Kalaglow JW
3rd: Teramour Happy-Go-Lucky
Res: Burrenmist Copper Beech At Elanjay
VHC: Balintyne Man About Town
Mid Limit Dog
1st: Trelales Blue Dancer
2nd: Amberlight Firecraker JW
3rd: Margretwoods Crazy For You
Res: Bethersden Kaeidoscope
VHC: Redclyst Domino Dancer of Orlanset
Limit Dog
1st: Thendara The Tourist
2nd: Shenanagin Some Might Say Its Bardonhill JW
3rd: Clonageera Independence of Lindenjo
Res: Twoacres Fergus
VHC: Bai Breeze Bi Thendara
Open Dog
1st: Sh Ch Caspains Palmerston
2nd: Ir Sh Ch Strathmead Just An Ace At Glenavna 
3rd: Soulglas Shadow
Res: Shandwick Arathorn
VHC: Twoacres Joker The Hooley
Special Beginners Dog
1st: Hazelbeck Golden Flame
2nd: Glennara Cabriolet
3rd: Kerrydown In Time
Res: Corribeg Ruskin
VHC:Ornella Benitton
Helen Vanderbilt Memorial Open Class For Members Dogs
1st: Shenanagin Some Might Say Its Bardonhill JW
2nd: Sh Ch Thendara Kennedy
3rd: Danaway Fortune Teller
Res: abs
Minor Puppy Bitch
1st: Cataluna Bee Bop A Lula
2nd: Cataluna Dallas Star  
3rd: Caspians Yseult 
Res: Aoibheanne's Opportunity
VHC: Karidell Kiss N'Tell
Puppy Bitch
1st: Delsanto Charmaine
2nd: Balnagown Britney
3rd: Delsanto Clementine By Romarne
Res: Brackenfield Delphinium
VHC: Covarney Juniper of  Gracewwood
Veteran Bitch
1st: Sh Ch Delsanto Roxanne
2nd: Ch Kylenoe Crystal Spirit 
3rd: Corribeg Larch
Res: Zymore Star Kissed With Waterdown
VHC: Fearnley Fire Dawn For Pennybourne
Junior Bitch
1st: Shandwick Jade
2nd: Brenrue Alice Springs To Lindenjo
3rd: Brenrue Alicia
Res: Carnbargus Congratulation JW 
VHC: Caspians Hippolyta JW
Special Yearling Bitch
1st: Talharon Truly Fayre
2nd: Carnbargus Consequence
3rd: Hartsbourne Tangle of Aubanton
Res: Dawnglo Heatwave
VHC: Soulglas Amythst
Maiden Bitch
1st: Talharon Truly Fayre
2nd: Kylenoe Chicago Spirit
3rd: Delsanto Clementine By Romarne
Res: Corriebran Laura's Theme
VHC: Corriecas Chjanti
Novice Bitch
1st: Brenrue Alicia
2nd: Soulglas Amythyst 
3rd: Corriebran Lady In Red
Res: Brenrue Alonnisos At Gorzedale
VHC: Balnagown Bianca
Undergraduate Bitch
1st: Dawnglo Heatwave
2nd: Soulglas Amythst
3rd: Penwyn Fatal Attraction
Res: Corriebran Laura`s Theme
VHC: Danaway Maranda
Graduate Bitch
1st: Cataluna Tigerella
2nd: Amberwave Dazzle JW
3rd: Reddins Alexis
Res: Corriebran Lady In Red
VHC: Danaway Maranda
Post Graduate Bitch
1st: Maolruadhan Starstruck 
2nd: Erinade Jaunty JW
3rd: Brackenfield Camilla
Res: Severnvale Pretty In Pink
VHC: Raesha Caoimhe
Mid Limit Bitch
1st: Brayville Lady JW
2nd: Springle Symphony
3rd: Lynwood Castaspell Over Polmennor
Res: Redsleeves Hot Gossip At Merryborne
VHC: Reddins Pippin of Bluestack
Limit Bitch
1st: Trefaine Reams of Verse
2nd: Wendover Lorna
3rd: Cataluna Texas Rose
Res: Caispern Miss Bennett
VHC: Hartsbourne Cerry
Open Bitch
1st: Sh Ch Carnbargus Continuity
2nd: Sh Ch Clonageera Inspiration For Kespas
3rd: Sh Ch Romarne Rheanne
Res: Clonageera Fennella At Bethersden
VHC: Sh Ch Danaway Kentucky Rose 
Special Beginners Bitch
1st: Shandwick Jade
2nd: Danaway Maranda
3rd: Chirgwin Isadora's Daughter
Res: Corribeg Russet
VHC: Clonageera Irish Lace of Kerrydown 
Helen Vanderbilt Memorial Open Class For Members Bitch
1st: Sh Ch Carnbargus Continuity
2nd: Sh Ch Romarne Rheanne
3rd: Hartsbourne Cerry
Res: Danaway Kentucky Rose
VHC: Lynwood Castaspell Over Polmennor 


All contents copyright 2000, Midlands Irish Setter Society.

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