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South Wales Kennel Association.

7th July 2000


Dogs Mrs   P.Williams
Bitches Mrs S.Oakley


Best of Breed Sh Ch Caspians Intrepid
Best Puppy Grayrigge Grace O'Malley
Dog CC Sh Ch Caspians Intrepid
Reserve Hazelbeck Golden Flame
Bitch CC Sh Ch Grayrigge Fionnuala
Reserve Country Belle of Wendover JW




Minor Puppy Dog
  1. Gwendariff Gun's & Roses At Trilite
  2. Joanma's Igor
  3. Delsanto Charismatic
  4. Hazelbeck Morgan
Puppy Dog
  1. Wynjill Gamesman
  2. Tatterslee Bear Essential
  3. Lynwood Playboy
  4. Grayrigge Glenamoy
  5. Tatterslee Bear Necessity
Junior Dog
  1. Redhara Sherwood Archer
  2. Erilynne Andre of Stylersetts
  3. Redstyle The Mark Of Zorro
  4. Erilynne Bjorn With Flameview
  5. Dawnglo Twister
Special Yearling Dog
  1. Cataluna Texas Wild
  2. Danaway Reveller
  3. Glennara Cabriolet
  4. Goldings Manxman
  5. Riqitta Dopuble Oscar JW
Novice Dog
  1. Katach Karousel
  2. Redhara Sherwood Archer
  3. Wynjill Gamesman
  4. Maesffynnon Sirius
  5. Kegal Dancing Masquerade
Graduate Dog
  1. Maolruadhan Star Lord
  2. Kirkavagh Kalaglow JW  
  3. Heathclare Fortworth
  4. Duncarreg Red RiverAt Chantstor
  5. Clonageera Legend
Post Graduate Dog
  1. Amberlight Firecracker JW
  2. Thendara Just Lookin At Stourford
  3. Tatterslee Extra Special 
  4. Caispern Sir William Lucas
  5. Balintyne Man About Town
Limit Dog
  1. Hazelbeck  Golden Flame
  2. Withersdale Monty Python
  3. Trehelga Cornish Miner
  4. Penwyn Washington Redskin
  5. Bonhomie Vaguely Noble
Open Dog
  1. Sh Ch Caspians Intrepid
  2. Sh Ch Dunnygask Gladiator
  3. Sumaric Sauvignon
  4. Trehelga Cornish Miner
  5. Sh Ch Delsanto Luke




Minor Puppy Bitch
  1. Delsanto Clementine by Romarne 
  2. Delsanto Charmaine
  3. Anlory Minervoi
  4. Heathclare Abbey's Kelly At Colanme
  5. Emberiki The One And Only
Puppy Bitch
  1. Grayrigge Grace O'Malley
  2. Carnbargus Congratulation
  3. Lynwood Promises Promises
  4. Wynjill Country Melody
  5. Brenrue Alice Springs To Lindenjo
Junior Bitch
  1. Kirkavagh Lalibela JW
  2. Carnbargus Congratulation
  3. Shandwick Opal
  4. Maesffynnon Cressida of Trapwell
  5. Glennara Silver Rose
Special Yearling Bitch
  1. Riqitta Classic Impact
  2. Glennara Crystal of Ryleens
  3. Amberwave Dazzle JW
  4. Redclyst Portia
  5. Glennara Silver Rose
Novice Bitch
  1. Corriebran Lady In Red
  2. Katach call Me Madam
  3. Glennara Silver Rose
  4. Kegil Dancing Ballerina
  5. Corriebran Lara's Theme
Graduate Bitch
  1. Country Belle of Wendover JW
  2. Maolruadhan Starstruck
  3. Henaleas Flirting Around JW
  4. Kirkavagh Khaydara JW
  5. Bramleyhill Brocade
Post Graduate Bitch
  1. Brayville Leading Lady JW
  2. Delsanto Eleanor of Jennison
  3. Erinade Jaunty JW
  4. Maolruadhan Starstruck
  5. Springle Symphony
Limit Bitch
  1. Danaway Kentucky Rose
  2. Fearnley Faberge
  3. Colanme Red Hot Mercedes
  4. Withersdale Hi-De-Hi
  5. Coppershell Red Beauty
Open Bitch
  1. Sh Ch Grayrigge Fionnuala
  2. Sh Ch Carnbargus Continuity
  3. Delsanto Lucinda
  4. Wendover Rose of the Shires
  5. Sh Ch Shenanagin That's It To Karidell


All contents copyright 2000, Midlands Irish Setter Society.

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